2021 Regular Season Standings

Minors W-L-T Majors W-L-T Senior W-L-T
Rangers 7-0 Yankees 8-0 Braves 0-0
Mariners 5-2 Tigers 6-2 Indians 0-0
Red Sox 4-3-1 Orioles 5-3 Padres 0-0
Blue Jays 3-3-1 Dodgers 4-4 Phillies 0-0
White Sox 2-4 Padres 3-4 Rangers 0-0
Braves 2-5 A's 2-4 Red Sox 0-0
Mets 1-5 Cubs 1-5
Nationals 1-5 Dibacks 1-7

Minors, Majors, and Senior league playoffs

Teams finishing 1 through 6 in the standings make the championship round. Team 3 plays team 6 and team 4 plays team 5 in a one game playoff. The winner of team 4 versus 5 plays team 1. The winner of team 3 versus 6 plays team 2 in a best of three series. Finals are also a best of three series.

Teams finishing out of the championship round play in a silver round wood bat tournament.

Playoff tie-breaker formula

Two teams: Head to head, followed by runs allowed head to head if still tied
Three or more teams: Overall record in the first meetings of all teams tied, followed by total runs allowed during those games